Interview with Holley Trent

I only recently read my first romance by Holley Trent, and was blown away by it. So when I learned that the next book in the series was coming soon, I was thrilled at the chance to interview her about it. The Coyote's Bride is a deeply compelling shifter romance about an m/f couple who … Continue reading Interview with Holley Trent

Review of The Coyote’s Cowboy

The Coyote's Cowboy by Holley Trent. 2018. This m/f shifter romance novella packs an intense punch. Witnessing these two neuroatypical MCs who both feel alienated from other people connecting and being sweet to each other as they try to extricate themselves from folks who were trying to control them gave me so many feelings. This is … Continue reading Review of The Coyote’s Cowboy