Review of Knit Tight

Knit Tight by Annabeth Albert. Lyrical Shine. 2016. 2.5 stars I was disappointed by this book, which I got for myself as a reward for finishing a project, and was hoping would be a cozy comfort read. It started out well; I enjoyed the coffee shop setting, the knit night, the MC being so focused … Continue reading Review of Knit Tight


Interview with Caitlyn Frost and Henry Drake

I adored Whip, Stir, and Serve, a new novella by Caitlyn Frost and Henry Drake. This short contemporary meet-cute BDSM romance blew me away. It centers an autistic bisexual demigirl submissive MC with anxiety, and a careful, sweet, dominant man MC who makes cinnamon rolls. It contains an incredibly hot and realistic BDSM scene full of consent. I … Continue reading Interview with Caitlyn Frost and Henry Drake