My Summer Romance #RippedBodiceBingo TBR

This is a bingo created by the Los Angeles romance bookstore, The Ripped Bodice! It runs from June 1-August 31. For each row you complete, you can enter to win prizes! I thought it would be good to try this kinyd of reading challenge along with the MarvelAThon so I would get more information about how reading … Continue reading My Summer Romance #RippedBodiceBingo TBR


#Marvelathon TBR

I have never done a reading challenge before, and this one caught my eye. It's a challenge based on MCU, that was started by @jamishelves. The rules of the Marvel-a-thon are laid out here and you can follow the hashtag #Marvelathon on Twitter.   I picked backups for my TBR in case I need to … Continue reading #Marvelathon TBR