Excerpt from Charming Scottish Bastard

I'm thrilled to share an excerpt from Charming Scottish Bastard, the latest installment in the Under the Kilt series by the amazing Melissa Blue! This rom com series is extremely glommable, full of heat, heart, and humor, and I am so excited there is a new book out today. You can read this as a … Continue reading Excerpt from Charming Scottish Bastard

Review of The Boyfriend Project

The Boyfriend Project by Farrah Rochon. Forever. 2020. This is book one in a new series centering three women who become friends after the live tweeting of a bad date leads to them realizing that they have been all duped by the same guy and confronting him together in public. The beginning of this book … Continue reading Review of The Boyfriend Project

My #Blackathon TBR

Blackathon is a month long readathon hosted by Jesse from Bowties & Books and Lauryn of TheNovelLush. There are reading challenges, Instagram challenges, and Twitter movie watch-a-long, all of the information can be found on their Twitter or in this video. The reading challenges are split into SFF and Contemporary teams, and I'm going to concentrate on the contemporary team … Continue reading My #Blackathon TBR