Review of Rogue Nights

Rogue Nights (anthology). 2018. Rogue Nights is the sixth book in a series of collections of resistance romance. Rogue Nights (2 f/f, 2 m/m, 3 m/f stories) is more queer than some of the previous collections, containing four stories with queer MCs. It has three stories by authors of color; three of the previous collections had two … Continue reading Review of Rogue Nights


Excerpt from Sugar and Ice

I'm thrilled to share an excerpt from Sugar and Ice by Brooklyn Wallace! This f/f opposites attract age gap romance centers a sweetheart WNBA player and an ice queen campaign manager who meet at a super secret lesbian speakeasy. It's out on November 11, 2018. Look at the incredibly stunning cover! Here's a note from the author … Continue reading Excerpt from Sugar and Ice

Guest Post: Sci-fi stories show clones as “house slaves” of the future

Guest post by Stephani Maari Booker “I once saw two beautiful children playing together. One was a fair white child; the other was her slave, and also her sister… I foresaw the inevitable blight that would fall on the little slave’s heart. I knew how soon her laughter would be changed to sighs.” In her … Continue reading Guest Post: Sci-fi stories show clones as “house slaves” of the future

Interview with Lynn Turner

Several months ago, after finishing a dance romance that was disappointingly light on dance details, I went on Twitter and asked for recommendations for dance romances that are especially satisfying with dance details. Several people recommended Pas De Deux by Lynn Turner, specifically for the abundance of dance details and description, and the chemistry between … Continue reading Interview with Lynn Turner