Interview with Dax Murray

I am thrilled to share an interview with Dax Murray, where we discuss feir re-release of Birthing Orion, an f/f science fiction novel in verse which comes out on October 18. I loved getting to know more about the inspiration for and intent of this book! A Bit About Dax Dax Murray is a software engineer … Continue reading Interview with Dax Murray


Interview with Rebekah Weatherspoon

I've been a fan of Rebekah Weatherspoons romances for years, and especially love the way she writes characters with strong and distinctive voices, combines humor and heat, often centers queer characters in her books including her m/f romances, and writes heroines I want to be friends with. Many of her books are comfort reads for … Continue reading Interview with Rebekah Weatherspoon

Interview with Lynn Turner

Several months ago, after finishing a dance romance that was disappointingly light on dance details, I went on Twitter and asked for recommendations for dance romances that are especially satisfying with dance details. Several people recommended Pas De Deux by Lynn Turner, specifically for the abundance of dance details and description, and the chemistry between … Continue reading Interview with Lynn Turner