Review of Eight Kisses

Eight Kisses: Eight All-New Tales of Holiday Romance (anthology) edited by Mindy Klasky and Lori Anne Bailey. Peabridge Press 2019. I enjoyed this collection of Chanukah romances! It's a strong collection, with only one story that didn't work for me and many that I really enjoyed. The vast majority of the stories were contemporary, but … Continue reading Review of Eight Kisses

Review of To Touch the Light

To Touch The Light by E.M. Lindsey. 2019. This romance by a new-to-me author really caught me off guard. There were so many reasons that it might not work for me, that I was genuinely surprised when it did. The writing is beautiful, evocative, so in the moment, and feels very rooted in the real. … Continue reading Review of To Touch the Light

Review of Criminal Intentions: Junk Shop Blues

Criminal Intentions: Junk Shop Blues by Cole McCade. 2018. Content Warnings for review: Discussion of trauma and sex.  This is episode 2 in a contemporary police procedural slow burn m/m romance between homicide detectives on the Baltimore PD. It's incredibly queer and complex and I have been excited about it since I first heard the … Continue reading Review of Criminal Intentions: Junk Shop Blues

Fave Valentine’s Day Themed Romances 2019

This post lists my favorite Valentine's Day-themed romances I read since last Valentine's Day's list. I tried 30 romances to get to this list! These recs definitely show my bias towards contemporary romance, but there are romsusp and paranormal romances included as well. I link to reviews where I have written them; and also where … Continue reading Fave Valentine’s Day Themed Romances 2019