Review of Team Phison Forever

Team Phison Forever by Chace Verity. 2019. Content Warnings for review: discussion of abusive family, familial estrangement, depression Team Phison Forever gave me so many feelings. It was rather different, and substantially more angsty when compared to Team Phison, which I also really enjoyed, as a fluffy cozy grumpy/sunshine geek foodie romance between two queer … Continue reading Review of Team Phison Forever


Review of Gotta Catch Her

Gotta Catch Her by Kelly Haworth. Ninestar Press. 2019. I decided to read this book because I'd heard positive buzz and I love geek romance, and was promised Pokemon-like geekery in a cute f/f romance. Also, that cover completely grabbed me. Isn't it great? Gotta Catch Her was definitely a light f/f romance, and the … Continue reading Review of Gotta Catch Her

Guest Post: Bookish Chanukah Gift Recs from Shira Glassman

Guest post by Shira Glassman Hi, everyone! Corey thought it might be fun if I made a small guide to the paperback books you might buy your friends for Chanukah, which incidentally is earlyish this year -- the first candle is lit during the first weekend in December. If there are trigger warnings for the … Continue reading Guest Post: Bookish Chanukah Gift Recs from Shira Glassman