Excerpt from Charming Scottish Bastard

I'm thrilled to share an excerpt from Charming Scottish Bastard, the latest installment in the Under the Kilt series by the amazing Melissa Blue! This rom com series is extremely glommable, full of heat, heart, and humor, and I am so excited there is a new book out today. You can read this as a … Continue reading Excerpt from Charming Scottish Bastard

Review of Just Like That

Just Like That by Cole McCade. 2020. Note: This review is part of the Blog Tour for Just Like That. It includes an excerpt at the end.  Content warnings for review: This review references MCs with anxiety, depression, trauma, and suicidal ideation, but does not describe these things in detail.  This is one of the … Continue reading Review of Just Like That

Fave Valentine’s Day Themed Romances 2020

This post lists my favorite Valentine's Day-themed romances I read this year.   These recs definitely show my bias towards contemporary romance of all flavors; it includes erotic romance, Western romance, and romantic comedy. You may also be interested in my 2018 Valentine's Day's romance recs list and my 2019 list, which include other subgenres. I link … Continue reading Fave Valentine’s Day Themed Romances 2020