Review of Play It Again

Play It Again by Aidan Wayne. Carina Press. 2019. Content Warnings for review: Discussion of emotional abuse and trauma, sexual negotiations. I wanted to read this because it has a Jewish disabled queer hero, and because online relationships and MCs who create online content are such big catnip for me. I want to glom all … Continue reading Review of Play It Again

Review of Rogue Nights

Rogue Nights (anthology). 2018. Rogue Nights is the sixth book in a series of collections of resistance romance. Rogue Nights (2 f/f, 2 m/m, 3 m/f stories) is more queer than some of the previous collections, containing four stories with queer MCs. It has three stories by authors of color; three of the previous collections had two … Continue reading Review of Rogue Nights