My TBR for #BlackLoveAThon

This is a week long readathon going on 2/7/20-2/14-20! It was created by @minareadss and @LucieReads and is right up my alley, as it's romance focused. Here is my TBR for the challenges. I've got several options for each, because I'm a mood reader and that helps me. About half of these are ones I … Continue reading My TBR for #BlackLoveAThon

Fave Romance Novels I Read in 2019

This year, I am splitting off my favorite romances into two posts: favorite romance novels and favorite romance novellas and novelettes. This post lists my favorite romance novels I read in 2019. (Not all of them were published in 2019, of course.) It includes mostly new reads, with a few notable rereads. If you want … Continue reading Fave Romance Novels I Read in 2019

Review of Fumbled

Fumbled by Alexa Martin. Berkeley. 2019. Content Warnings for review: Discussion of ableism and internalized ableism. Brief references to misogyny, cissexism, queer antagonism, anti-sex work sentiment. Brief discussion of stalking, hero's controlling behavior. Note: I do not recommend this book to disabled readers. I wanted to read this because I enjoyed Intercepted and was looking … Continue reading Review of Fumbled