Review of American Dreamer

American Dreamer by Adriana Herrera, performed by Sean Crisden. Carina Press. 2019. Content Warnings for review: Discussion of racism, familial estrangement, abuse, queer hatred. I have such complicated, strong, mixed feelings about this book. There is so much I loved about it, for much of the story. And there is a later plot twist in … Continue reading Review of American Dreamer

Interview with Jack Harbon

Halloween is officially over and that means a move toward winter holiday romances. To kick that off, I'm excited to tell you about Unwrap Me by Jack Harbon, which comes out November 23! This feels like a very queer NA Christmas romance, complete with an MC home from college for Christmas, supportive siblings, queer antagonism from … Continue reading Interview with Jack Harbon

On being careful what we call fluff

Note: while this discusses a particular book, it is not a review. It’s an essay talking about the way we frame books like this, discuss them, rec them, promote them, and especially, review them. This was originally posted at (As a heads up, this post contains discussions and examples of bullying, sexual harassment, outing, and … Continue reading On being careful what we call fluff