Review of Rogue Ever After

Rogue Ever After (anthology). 2019. Rogue Ever After is the seventh and final book in a series of collections of resistance romance, and one of my favorites. Rogue Ever After (2 f/f, 1 m/m, 1 f/f/f, and 4 m/f stories) is more queer than some of the previous collections, containing five stories with queer MCs, including an … Continue reading Review of Rogue Ever After

Review of Snare

Snare by Racheline Maltese and Erin McRae. 2016. 4.5 stars I enjoyed this m/m/m novella so much. Vampires and snowed in and age gap and polyamory, oh my! This is the first book I'm reading by this writing duo and I am definitely going to be devouring their backlist, because wow did this work for … Continue reading Review of Snare