#RomBkLove: Musician/Singer/Composer MCs

This post is part of #RomBkLove, a month-long Twitter event where folks share their recs for romances that fit particular themes. My theme for today is romances with MCs that are musicians, singers and composers. I love romances that center music not just because I love singing and playing music, but also because I love the … Continue reading #RomBkLove: Musician/Singer/Composer MCs

Fave Romance Novels I Read in 2019

This year, I am splitting off my favorite romances into two posts: favorite romance novels and favorite romance novellas and novelettes. This post lists my fifty favorite romance novels I read in 2019. (Not all of them were published in 2019, of course.) It includes mostly new reads, with a few notable rereads. If you … Continue reading Fave Romance Novels I Read in 2019