Review of House Rules

House Rules by Ruby Lang. Carina Press. 2020. Content warnings for the review: discussion of endometriosis, sex.  I really enjoyed this contemporary m/f romance, and it's such a New York City set up: the couple were married in their twenties, and when she returns to town in her forties, long after they divorced, they end … Continue reading Review of House Rules

Review of American Fairy Tale

American Fairy Tale by Adriana Herrera. Carina Press. 2019. Content Warnings for review: References to trauma, intimate partner violence, overbearing behavior. I fell hard for Camilo in American Dreamer, and went into this really excited to read his romance. I loved him even more in this story. I wanted to be his friend. I felt … Continue reading Review of American Fairy Tale

Interview with Lynn Turner

Several months ago, after finishing a dance romance that was disappointingly light on dance details, I went on Twitter and asked for recommendations for dance romances that are especially satisfying with dance details. Several people recommended Pas De Deux by Lynn Turner, specifically for the abundance of dance details and description, and the chemistry between … Continue reading Interview with Lynn Turner