Review of To Touch the Light

To Touch The Light by E.M. Lindsey. 2019. This romance by a new-to-me author really caught me off guard. There were so many reasons that it might not work for me, that I was genuinely surprised when it did. The writing is beautiful, evocative, so in the moment, and feels very rooted in the real. … Continue reading Review of To Touch the Light

Fave Halloween/Samhain Romances 2019

I did a post at the end of 2017 recommending a bunch of fall and winter holiday romance, that included Halloween and Samhain romances. Starting in 2018 I began doing a separate post just for Halloween romance, focused on romance fiction where Halloween or Samhain play a major role in the story. I tried to … Continue reading Fave Halloween/Samhain Romances 2019