Review of Maxx Neon

Maxx Neon by Lina Langley. Half Past Three. 2017. 3.5 stars I liked this one. It's sweet, and I enjoyed the ways it broke trope with the usual rock star romance. It's not about the difficulties of fame, which I appreciated. This rock star is tender-hearted and vulnerable and considerate and his rock star persona … Continue reading Review of Maxx Neon

Fave Romances with Queer Disabled MCs

This post gives a rather long list of my favorite romances with queer disabled MCs. It definitely shows my bias towards contemporary romance, but there is a smattering of fantasy, YA and historical romance too. I am grouping them by theme. Many could belong in more than one category. I link to reviews where I have written … Continue reading Fave Romances with Queer Disabled MCs