Book and Snack Pairing: Kettle Chips with Vinegar

My plan for this Book and Snack Pairing post series is to taste snacks (two new and one old favorite) and pair them with romances (two recent first time reads and one old favorite). The romances reflect my reading habits, so they tend contemporary, and are a mix of pairings. I am marking the ones … Continue reading Book and Snack Pairing: Kettle Chips with Vinegar

Best Reads in June 2018

This post gives a list of my favorite books I read in June 2018. This list definitely shows my bias towards contemporary romance, but also includes fantasy, paranormal romance, science fiction, historical romance, erotica, and mystery stories. I am marking the audiobooks with an (A). I link to reviews where I have written them; and … Continue reading Best Reads in June 2018