Fave Valentine’s Day Themed Romances 2019

This post lists my favorite Valentine's Day-themed romances I read since last Valentine's Day's list. I tried 30 romances to get to this list! These recs definitely show my bias towards contemporary romance, but there are romsusp and paranormal romances included as well. I link to reviews where I have written them; and also where … Continue reading Fave Valentine’s Day Themed Romances 2019


Sunday Night Comfort Reads: Sated

I find myself, on Sunday nights, wanting to read something comforting and familiar. A book that's an old friend, that I return to again and again. I find myself wanting that, needing that, not just on Sunday nights, if I am to be honest. But there is a particular quality to this on Sunday nights, … Continue reading Sunday Night Comfort Reads: Sated