Review of Rogue Ever After

Rogue Ever After (anthology). 2019. Rogue Ever After is the seventh and final book in a series of collections of resistance romance, and one of my favorites. Rogue Ever After (2 f/f, 1 m/m, 1 f/f/f, and 4 m/f stories) is more queer than some of the previous collections, containing five stories with queer MCs, including an … Continue reading Review of Rogue Ever After

Review of Game Changer

Game Changer by Rachel Reid.  Content Warnings for review: Discussion of sex scenes, racism, queer antagonism.  This contemporary m/m romance has a meet cute between a closeted hockey player and the cute guy who made the smoothies that might have helped him break a losing streak, a one night stand to lovers arc, and heavily … Continue reading Review of Game Changer

Guest Post: On Writing a Trans Boy Coming Out and Going on Adventures!

Guest Post by Devin Harnois Very often, trans and other queer characters are reduced to little more than their identity and their internal and external struggles around that, especially by non-queer authors. It’s as if they can’t conceive of us outside our unhappiness. Once a queer character comes out and/or finds some measure of acceptance, … Continue reading Guest Post: On Writing a Trans Boy Coming Out and Going on Adventures!

On being careful what we call fluff

Note: while this discusses a particular book, it is not a review. It’s an essay talking about the way we frame books like this, discuss them, rec them, promote them, and especially, review them. This was originally posted at (As a heads up, this post contains discussions and examples of bullying, sexual harassment, outing, and … Continue reading On being careful what we call fluff