#RomBkLove: Geek Romances

This post is part of #RomBkLove, a month-long Twitter event where folks share their recs for romances that fit particular themes. For the purposes of this post, geek romance is a romance that centers characters who are enthusiasts of something, be it a special interest, a hobby, a subject, a fandom. "geeks are fans of their subjects, … Continue reading #RomBkLove: Geek Romances

Review of The Ultimate Pi Day Party

The Ultimate Pi Day Party by Jackie Lau. 2019. Content Warnings for review: discussion of parental estrangement, consent negotiation. References to sex ed, abortion and menstrual cramps.  This was wonderful, in so many ways. Such a satisfying foodie romance, with a really lovely amount of food details. I really enjoy Lau's style, the way she lays … Continue reading Review of The Ultimate Pi Day Party