Interview with Katrina Jackson

Small Town Secrets by Katrina Jackson just came out, and it is one of my favorite f/f romances ever! I love the long term pining, the foodie elements, the small town setting, the way Black characters and families are centered, the family secrets arc, and the smoking hot sex scenes, which include a strap-on scene that … Continue reading Interview with Katrina Jackson

Review of The Dragon of Ynys

The Dragon of Ynys by Minerva Cerridwen. Less Than Three Press. 2018.  Note: I do not recommend this book to trans and/or non-binary readers. Content Warnings for review (in white, highlight to read): Discussion of trans antagonism and transmisogyny targeting both an adult trans person and a trans child, including trans antagonism between intimate partners. … Continue reading Review of The Dragon of Ynys