Best Reads January 2019

This post gives a list of my favorite books I read in January 2019. This list definitely shows my bias towards contemporary romance, but also includes YA fantasy, romantic suspense and paranormal romance. I am separating the audiobooks into their own section. I link to reviews where I have written them; and also where I … Continue reading Best Reads January 2019

New Years Romance Reads

While I didn't do a full-on winter holiday romance list for 2018, I thought I might start off 2019 with a New Years Romance recs list. It definitely shows my bias towards contemporary romance, but there is a smattering of romsusp and historical romance too. I read a bunch of holiday romances to get to this … Continue reading New Years Romance Reads

Fall 2018 Releases I’m Anticipating

Here are some books I'm excited about that are coming out September-November 2018. September Releases   Marvellous Grounds: Queer of Colour Formations in Toronto ed by Jin Haritaworn, Ghaida Moussa and Syrus Marcus Ware (Sept 7): Everything about this looks amazing! Plus I loved Ware's children's book. I gotta check this out. Criminal Intentions: The Man with … Continue reading Fall 2018 Releases I’m Anticipating