Regarding Taylor B Barton/Taylor Brooke/Brooklyn Ray

Content warning: This post references abuse, harassment and racism. 

I want to acknowledge that I have had ties to Taylor B Barton/Taylor Brooke/Brooklyn Ray, that were made in good faith, based on what I knew at the time. I now have more information about the ways authors (and particularly authors of color) have been harmed by them, which included racism, harassment and abuse. I am now severing all ties that I had with Taylor B Barton/Taylor Brooke/Brooklyn Ray, which I am outlining below for transparency.

At some points, I was mutuals on Twitter with both of their accounts. It was only recently that I learned that they were the same person, and I stopped following one of their accounts a while back. I have unfollowed them both on Twitter, and now these accounts seem to be closed.

I have reviewed their books on my blog and on Goodreads, and included them on book recommendation lists. I will no longer be recommending their books or reviewing them. I am removing all mention of their books on this blog, aside from this post, and taking down my reviews of their work. This includes books that were co-authored, and anthologies they edited, though I am not assuming co-authors and anthology contributors were involved in or responsible for their actions.

I agreed to and wrote a blurb for one of their co-authored books, Shadows You Left. I agreed to allow them to use a quote from my ARC review of Darkling as a blurb to further promote the book. I will be reaching out to the publishers to request that the blurbs be removed from any future runs.

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