My TBR for #LNYReadathon20

Lunar New Year Readathon

I decided to do Lunar New Year Readathon 2020 () at the very last minute, and I’m excited! The challenge is to read at least one romance by an Asian author or featuring an Asian MC, and it was organized by @LaceyBookLovers and @RemarkablyLisa. Lacey put together a list of recs if you are looking for books to add to your TBR.

Watch their launch videos here!


My TBR! (I generally list more than I can possibly read so that I have options.)

Disclosure: All links to Amazon will be affiliate ones. If you buy through those links, I will make a small amount of money on that sale (which I plan to use to buy books to review), but it will not add any to the cost of your product. It comes out of the company’s profits.

Lunar New Year Themed Romances


From my TBR


YA Romances


3 thoughts on “My TBR for #LNYReadathon20

  1. Woah! I’m in favor of this! At my place I’m going to be working on (if illness allows) art in the style of Đông hồ village to celebrate Tết, which is the abbreviated Vietnamese name for the Lunar New Year. Hope the read goes well!

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