Review of Kings and Butterflies

Kings and ButterfliesThis is a fluffy fun romance that I really enjoyed, and will definitely be adding to my comfort rereads. It’s got all these cozy foodie details, because the protagonist, while running an inn, has a deep passion for food and was originally going to be a chef. I loved the foodie bits in this story!

So there’s a potentially sketchy bisexual (named on the page) love interest who is handsome, charming, mysterious and secretive, and then must leave quickly. And then there is a lovely stretch of the story where they are having an online relationship. I really liked the way the story honored that aspect of their connection. It felt more respectful of online relationships than I often see.

I deeply enjoyed the D/s dynamic between the MCs, which emerges a bit late in the book. The timing of that felt right to me, and worked with the story arc. The D/s felt real, especially that it was kind of organic and then they negotiated partway through it. (Negotiations beyond safewords and safe signals take place off screen, FYI. I felt ok with that, but I understand that some readers may not.) The dynamic had some lovely chemistry to it, and a lot of heat. It was nice to sink into it from inside the submissive’s POV, and to also not have sexual topping/bottoming be related to D/s role, but a separate question.

There are some places where the MCs thoughts meander a bit in vague ways, which I got a bit lost in. The ending moves a bit quick for me, and things are wrapped up rather fast, in a way that felt like a fantasy, but I still found them satisfying. In general, this was a satisfying light read, and I am definitely going to be reading more by this author!

There is a hidden trope in this story: (highlight to read) as the love interest is an actual prince. This trope often lends a fantasy fairy tale feel, and I got a kick out of reading a queer version of that fantasy. Which I am tempted to remove my spoiler warning about because I think some folks would be really excited for and want to read the book for it specifically. But I am trying to respect that some people want to be surprised by such things.


  • Gay man MC
  • Bisexual man love interest
  • Queer Latinx enby author

Content Warnings (in white, highlight to read)

Alcohol use. Assassination threat. Sex on the page. Light kink on the page (D/s).


  • Source of the book: I bought it with my own money
  • I am friends with the author.
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