Winter 2019-2020 Books I’m Anticipating

Here are some books I’m excited about that are coming out December 2019-February 2020.

Disclosure: All links to Amazon will be affiliate ones. If you buy through those links, I will make a small amount of money on that sale (which I plan to use to buy books to review), but it will not add any to the cost of your product. It comes out of the company’s profits.

December Releases

  • Red Carpet Redemption by Yahrah St John (Dec 1) Fake relationship secret baby celebrity romance, yes this is so what I need in my life.
  • Pattern for an Angel by CJane Elliot (Dec 1) I need to check out this Christmas romance with a queer single dad who’s gender non-conforming kid likes to wear dresses and the non-binary love interest who can help his kid with an angel dress costume for the pageant.
  • Tinsel by Kris Bryant (Dec 1) A lesbian Christmas romance featuring a kitten that brings them together and I’m sold already.
  • Collie Jolly by Leigh Landry (Dec 1) This looks like an adorable f/f Christmas romance with a dog!
  • Dawnfall by RoAnna Sylver (Dec 2) An interactive, dimension-hopping portal fantasy romance, where you can play as male, female, nonbinary, or agender; gay, straight, bisexual, asexual, or aromantic, monogamous or polyamorous. So excited for this!
  • Would Like to Meet by Rachel Winters (Dec 3) This romance that’s all about re-enacting meet-cutes from the movies sounds like just my thing.
  • All I Want for Christmas is a Werewolf by Liana Brooks (Dec 3) This paranormal Christmas rom com looks like a lot of fun!
  • This Will Kill That by Danielle K. Roux (Dec 3) A YA urban fantasy about a haunted city where aura Colors divide, ghosts of the violent past linger, and a stabby girl falls in love with a girl with dangerous powers. Yes please.
  • The AI Who Loved Me by Alyssa Cole (Dec 3) I love Cole’s romances and have heard such great things about this one!
  • Blitzed by Alexa Martin (Dec 3) The third in a series by an author whose writing I find really compelling. Plus it’s Brynn’s romance, and I’ve been waiting for that!
  • The Seven Days of Christmas by Edward Kendrick (Dec 4) A grinch who runs a costume shop, his neighbor with a crush on him offers to help out for the holiday rush. This m/m Christmas romance seems right up my alley.
  • The Gay Girls Guide to Ruining Prom by Siera Maley (Dec 5) This extremely angsty queer girl YA looks really compelling.
  • This Christmas by JR Hart (Dec 9) A grumpy/sunshine neighbors to lovers Christmas m/m romance. Sign me up!
  • Best Lesbian Erotica of the Year Vol 4 ed by Sinclair Sexsmith (Dec 10) This collection promises to be awesome, based on the table of contents. I may be biased, though, as I have a story in this one.
  • Dispatch: Poems by Cameron Awkward-Rich (Dec 10) I love Rich’s poetry so much, and I’m really looking forward to this collection.
  • The Duchess Deception by Cat Sebastian (Dec 10) A Quaker hero, an m/f historical romance that I’m betting will be queer, an author whose work I cannot put down.
  • Best Women’s Erotica of the Year Vol 5 ed by Rachel Kramer Bussel (Dec 10) So many great authors in the lineup for this collection this year, including some of my fave romance authors!
  • Face Off by PJ Trebelhorn (Dec 10) A neighbors to lovers fake relationship hockey f/f romance, yes please.
  • A Taste of Her Own Medicine by Tasha L Harrison (Dec 10) I have been anticipating this small town m/f romance since the author first started talking about it on Twitter!
  • Criminal Intentions: Cold Calculation by Cole McCade (Dec 10) As always, I’m eagerly awaiting the installments in this police procedural serial m/m romance. I adore these characters so much.
  • Faux Ho Ho by ‘Nathan Burgoine (Dec 10) This m/m Christmas romance looks like it’s right up my alley, and I’ve enjoyed Burgoine’s work in the past.
  • Frostbite by J Emery (Dec 13) A vampire snowed in Christmas m/m romance by one of my favorite romance authors! Yes please.
  • Turning Wood by Ofelia Grant (Dec 14) This m/m Christmas romance drew me in with the cover, I must admit; it looks angsty and I am getting a snowed in feel.
  • Eight Kinky Nights by Xan West (me!) (Dec 16) An angsty foodie contemporary kinky polyamorous f/f Chanukah romance with two autistic MCs.
  • Spare the Rod by Marie Sexton (Dec 16) This kinky romance between a jaded dom and a spoiled pianist sounds up my alley, and I liked an earlier book in this series.
  • Mangoes and Mistletoe by Adriana Herrera (Dec 16) So excited for this foodie Christmas f/f romance by one of my favorite queer romance authors.
  • Second Chance Sweet Shop by Rochele Alers (Dec 17) Single dad plus baker romance, and I’m already hooked.
  • Make Your Move by Laura Heffernan (Dec 17) Gaming centered friends to lovers romance where the hero has had a long time crush but she doesn’t realize she’s into him until they collaborate on a project.
  • No Room at the Inn by Brooke Winters (Dec 19) An f/f snowed in Christmas D/s romance with a friends to lovers arc, yes please. Did I mention they work at a sex hotel?
  • Gingerbread Dreams by KL Noone (Dec 21) A contemporary Christmas m/m romance with terrible sweaters centered around a gingerbread baking contest, sign me up!
  • Sweet Talkin Lover by Tracey Livesay (Dec 30) So excited for this book that kicks off a new romance series by Livesay. This small town romance looks right up my alley.
  • Tense by A.M. Roarke (Dec 31) This romance begins when the heroine falls asleep at a rock concert and one of the performers calls her out on it. Now she’s trending on social media and he wants to make it up to her. Looking forward to reading this one!
  • Love Lettering by Kate Clayborn (Dec 31) I loved this romance that was as much about falling for NYC as it was about finding your muse again, secret codes and hand lettering. Shared project romances are so my thing and Clayborn completely delivers with this one.
  • Grand Theft NYE by Katrina Jackson (Dec 31) Could not miss this romance between a thief and the rich man she robs, especially by one of my insta-buy authors.
  • Every New Year by Katrina Jackson (Dec 31) I love the long slow fall promised in this friends to lovers romance, plus it’s by one of my favorite authors.

January Releases

  • A Private Affair by AC Arthur (Jan 1) Fashion archrivals have a one night stand…but can they keep it to just one night?
  • Martin McClean, Middle School Queen by Alyssa Zaczek (Jan 7) Middle grade book about a mathlete drag queen, yes I’m in.
  • Woven in Moonlight by Isabel Ibanez (Jan 7) A lush tapestry of magic, romance, and revolución, drawing inspiration from Bolivian politics and history, yes please.
  • Loveboat, Taipei by Abigail Hing Wen (Jan 7) In this YA debut, instead of the strict summer program, she was expecting, the MC ends up on a loveboat where hookups abound and there is no adult supervision.
  • A Love Hate Thing by Whitney D. Grandison (Jan 7) This hate to love YA romance sounds really wonderful.
  • Shots on Goal by Amy Aislin (Jan 7) A queer hockey romance where the MC and the love interest team up to save the library, in a series I’m really enjoying.
  • Shadowshaper: Legacy by Daniel Jose Older (Jan 7) This is the conclusion to this amazing series and it promises to be epic.
  • Fat Girls Deserve Fairy Tales Too by Evette Dionne (Jan 7) This explores subjects ranging from dating while fat to finding adequate healthcare in a medical system that prioritizes thinness, to the particular stigma experienced by fat black women.
  • We Used to be Friends by Amy Spalding (Jan 7) I love stories that center frindship and this queer YA looks so good!
  • Throw Like a Girl by Sarah Henning (Jan 7) The heroine of this YA romance plays football and softball!
  • Scavenge the Stars by Tara Sim (Jan 7) This scifi retelling of The Count of Monte Cristo sounds wonderful.
  • The Deep and Dark Blue by Niki Smith (Jan 7) This middle grade graphic novel centers a trans girl and involves an order of women mages.
  • A Fake Girlfriend for Chinese New Year by Jackie Lau (Jan 7) My fave of the Holidays with the Wongs series so far!
  • Tough Guy by Rachel Reid (Jan 13) A second chance hockey m/m romance by an author whose work I’ve enjoyed, yes please.
  • The Blundering Billionaire by Chace Verity (Jan 13) I really enjoyed this activist m/f romance with a trans woman MC set in the fashion industry.
  • Criminal Intentions: Hard Angle by Cole McCade (Jan 14) I adore this m/m police procedural romance serial and it’s characrers so so much.
  • Mindy Kim and the Yummy Seaweed Business by Lyla Lee, illustrated by Dung Ho (Jan 14) a Korean American second grader moves to a mostly Caucasian Florida community. and starts a snack trading ring with the Korean food from her lunch to make new friends.
  • Lucky Caller by Emma Mills (Jan 14) This YA romance about a radio broadcasting class where everything goes wrong with the show looks like a lot of fun.
  • Gifts of Spring by Shira Glassman (Jan 14) This historical fantasy romance novelette by one of my favorite authors centers a trans woman mage and a man who is an acrobat, and I adore it to pieces.
  • Black Girl Unlimited by Echo Brown (Jan 14) A magical realist YA memoir exploring the intersections of poverty, sexual violence, depression, racism, and sexism. This book sounds amazing.
  • Dark and Deepest Red by Anna-Marie McLemore (Jan 14) I have heard such good things about this queer YA retelling of The Red Shoes!
  • The Iron Will of Genie Lo by FC Yee (Jan 14) I’ve been waiting for this sequel for so long and now it’s almost here!
  • The Edge of the World by Garrett Leigh (Jan 16) This is the book that Dreamspinner stole, and it’s by an m/m romance writer whose work I’ve loved, where the MC is in a pirate folk rock band. Sign me up.
  • Pretty Perfect by Riley Hart and Christina Lee (Jan 16) This cover grabbed me, and I love queer romances about boys who wear makeup. Yes, please.
  • Thickerella by Tanzania Glover (Jan 17) This retelling of Cinderella centers a fat Black heroine and sounds completely wonderful.
  • Her Twin Baby Secret by Therese Beharrie (Jan 20) This looks wonderfully tropetastic, and by one of my favorite authors.
  • Headliners by Lucy Parker (Jan 20) I’m loving this series and the cover for this one totally drew me in. Plus I have a good feeling about this hate to love m/f romance.
  • Homie by Danez Smith (Jan 21) A poetry book about friendship by an amazing contemporary queer non-binary poet. I need this.
  • Beyond Survival: Strategies and Stories from the Transformative Justice Movement ed by Leah Lakshmi Piepzna-Samarasinha and Ejeris Dixon (Jan 21) This book has brilliant editors and looks like it will be both essential and amazing.
  • Tweet-Cute by Emma Lord (Jan 21) I am so excited to read this YA with the You Got Mail trope, one of my most favorite tropes of all time.
  • Spellhacker by MK England (Jan 21) YA fantasy heist story with an ownvoices non-binary MC, yes please.
  • The Lord I Left by Scarlett Peckham (Jan 27) Third in a series of historical BDSM romances that I’m enjoying. Sign me up!
  • Forever Strong by Piper J Drake (Jan 28) I love this series of romsusp books with dogs that help with rescue and I’m excited for this next installment.
  • Seven Deadly Shadows by Courtney Alameda (Jan 28) YA retelling of The Seven Samurai centering a teen girl bullying survivor.
  • Almost American Girl: An Illustrated Memoir by Robin Ha (Jan 28) This graphic novel memoir about a teen girl’s sudden immigration experience and discovery of her love for art looks wonderful.
  • Don’t Read the Comments by Eric Smith (Jan 28) This gaming centered YA novel grapples with issues of harassment and doxxing and I’ve heard it’s wonderful.

February Releases

  • The Worst Best Man by Mia Sosa (Feb 4) Enemies to lovers wedding-themed romance by one of my favorite rom com authors. This book looks hilarious.
  • King and the Dragonflies by Kacen Callender (Feb 4) This queer magical realist middle grade book is by one of my favorite trans authors.
  • Euphoria Kids by Alison Evans (Feb 4) Queer teen friends make magic together in this YA fantasy from one of my favorite writers.
  • Belle Révolte by Linsey Miller (Feb 4) High fantasy YA novel where two girls swap lives to pursue their dreams, with a biromantic ace MC, by one of my favorite YA authors, yes please.
  • Yes No Maybe So by Becky Albertalli and Aisha Saeed (Feb 4) A Jewish boy and a Muslim girl fall for each other as they navigate the world of local politics. I’ve heard such great things about this YA romance!
  • Hearts on Hold by Charish Reid (Feb 4) Yes a romance between librarians and one of them is a romance reader? I loved book one in this series and am excited for this.
  • The Gravity of Us by Phil Stamper (Feb 4) Space nerdery and queerness abound in this YA about two boys with astronaut parents that fall for each other.
  • Temporary Wife Temptation by Jayci Lee (Feb 4) The cover drew me in and I’m excited to try this new to me author. Fake spouses and the fashion industry, yes please.
  • House Rules by Ruby Lang (Feb 10) Exes agree to be housemates in this third installment in a romance series I’m loving.
  • This Train is Being Held by Ismée Amiel Williams (Feb 11) This NYC set YA romance that begins with a meet cute on the train looks really wonderful.
  • Stormsong by CL Polk (Feb 11) An f/f sequel to the brilliant Witchmark, I’ve been anticipating this book forever.
  • Birdie and Me by JMM Nuenez (Feb 18) A middle grade book about a girl with a gender non-conforming sibling dealing with the loss of their mother.
  • Of Curses and Kisses by Sandyha Menon (Feb 18) A modern royalty Beauty and the Beast YA retelling by one of my favorite YA authors!
  • The Upside of Falling by Alex Light (Feb 18) A YA fake relationship romance, yes please.
  • Real Life by Brandon Taylor (Feb 18) This debut novel is by someone I’ve followed on Twitter for years, and it promises to be a gut punch right in the feels.
  • Behind the Sun, Above the Moon ed by Brooklyn Ray (Feb 24) This queer speculative anthology focused on stories about magic and the cosmos has an awesome author lineup.
  • Fire and Water by Alexis Hall (Feb 24) The long-awaited third installment in the Kate Kane mystery series!
  • Forbidden Promises by Synithia Williams (Feb 25) I fell hard for the cover of this, and am excited for a sister’s ex romance coinciding with a political campaign.
  • Rebelwing by Andrea Tang (Feb 25) This YA dystopia debut has a sentient cybernetic dragon coming to the rescue!
  • A Cowboy to Remember by Rebekah Weatherspoon (Feb 25) Amnesia, a second chance with a childhood crush, and a cowboy hero, written by one of my favorite romance authors. I read the teaser for this and it was amazing. Cannot wait!
  • Get A Grip, Vivy Cohen by Sarah Kapit (Feb 25) An epistolary middle grade novel about an autistic girl who plays baseball and has a major league ball player pen pal.
  • Finna by Nino Cipri (Feb 25) Exes become friends in this story about big box stores and multi-dimensional swashbuckling.
  • We Unleash the Merciless Storm by Tehlor K Mejia (Feb 25) This is the second book in a YA series about queer girls and magic, and I’ve heard amazing things.
  • Harvest of Sighs by Sierra Simone (Feb TBD) This is the third in her Thornchapel series, and I am excited for it.
  • Common Bonds, ed by Claudie Arseneault (Feb TBD)

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