#PrideLibrary19 Day 9: Book Rainbow

For my book rainbow I wanted to travel back in time to the original 8 stripe flag and add back the pink stripe (for sex) and include the turquoise stripe (for art/magic) as well as the indigo one. In addition, I wanted to include a brown stripe and a black stripe, like the new Philadelphia pride flag, to recognize folks of color in LGBTQIAP+ communities. So my book rainbow has ten colors!

I pulled these off my shelves, regardless of whether I have read them. They are all queer, trans and/non-binary, and a range of genres and identities. A bunch of them are older queer and trans classics, but there are some newer books as well. I mostly read ebooks these days (and audiobooks) so if I own it in print, it’s likely because I’ve had it for a while, it’s an ARC, a gift or from a giveaway, or it’s not available in ebook. This is arranged by the color on the spine; the covers are sometimes a different color altogether. They are pictured on my rather messy desk.

book rainbow

Black Stripe

Brown Stripe

Yellow Stripe

Green Stripe

Turquoise Stripe

Blue Stripe

Purple Stripe

Pink Stripe

Orange Stripe

Red Stripe


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