Alpha Recs: D

Recently, the wonderful Dahlia Adler did a thread on Twitter where she recommended five good books for each letter in the alphabet. She suggested I might do a similar set of recs, and that sounded like a lot of fun to me, so I have decided to do a weekly series of alphabet-based book recommendations. Here is the most recent list.

Note: All links to Amazon will be affiliate ones. If you buy through those links, I will make a small amount of money on that sale (which I plan to use to buy more books to review), but it will not add any to the cost of your product. It comes out of the company’s profits.

Six Good Books That Begin with D

  • Dil or No Dil by Suleika Snyder (romance story collection) I adored the two novellas included in this collection and I’m thrilled that they are back in print. I was also blown away by the shorter erotic romance stories included in this book (which were new to me); they pack a really intense punch and were such an incredible joy to read. So much characterization, so much romantic and sexual tension.
  • Dress Codes for Small Towns by Courtney C Stevens (contemporary YA) This YA wrecked me. It’s beautiful & intense. The MC is questioning her gender & sexuality & attraction/love for multiple people at once, while under so much pressure. It gave me so many gender feels.
  • Double Exposure by Chelsea M Cameron (contemporary f/f romance novellette with a trans woman MC) This adorable fluffy meet-cute romance between a photographer and a barista is set in the context of a queer coffee shop. This has a demigirl author and is one of my most favorite romances with a trans woman MC.
  • A Duke by Default by Alyssa Cole (contemporary m/f romance) I love this book so much. Such a gorgeous romance arc, and Portia has my heart. I especially love her self acceptance arc around her ADHD. Also, who can resist a swordmaker/ apprentice romance with a royal twist? I interviewed the author about this book, and I highly recommend checking out the interview as well.
  • The Duchess War by Courtney Milan (historical m/f romance) This is one of my most favorite romances ever and is absolutely my favorite historical romance, for the ways it grapples with class and trauma and the way the banter evokes screwball Howard Hawks romantic comedy. And for the wedding night. And the complexity of the characters. And the feminism.
  • Dagger: On Butch Women edited by Lily Burana, Roxxie, and Linnea Due (nonfiction queer anthology) This is a collection of essays, interviews, roundtable discussions, photographs, and comics about butchness. There aren’t a lot of books about butch identity and experience, and while this is rather dated, especially in the ways it talks about transness, it is a historically important book that had a huge impact on me as a butch, and has a lot of personal narrative in it that is still worth reading, and it’s honestly worth checking out for the photographs alone, including that incredible cover.

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