Early 2019 Books with Trans &/or Non-Binary Authors

Here are some books I’m excited about that were released or are coming out January 2019-June 2019 that have trans and/or non-binary authors.

It is not my intent to out anyone. If I have listed identities in error that you would like me to change, or you would like to be removed from this list, please let me know.

Disclosure: All links to Amazon will be affiliate ones. If you buy through those links, I will make a small amount of money on that sale (which I plan to use to buy books to review), but it will not add any to the cost of your product. It comes out of the company’s profits.

January Releases

  • Criminal Intentions: Cult of Personality by Cole McCade (Jan 10) My favorite queer detectives are dealing with a ghost and I cannot wait to read this installment of a series I adore. (Trans man author.)
  • Unveiled Attraction by Chelsea M. Cameron (Jan 14) I really enjoyed this second chance workplace romance set at a wedding shop. (Demigirl author.)
  • Dragon Pearl by Yoon Ha Lee (Jan 15) Middle grade space opera with the underpinnings of Korean mythology, centering fox spirits, with a non-binary central character, by an author whose stories I’ve enjoyed. Yes please. And take a look at that gorgeous cover! (Trans man author.)

February Releases

  • What Makes You Beautiful by Bridget Liang (Feb 5) This ownvoices YA centers the exploration of a biracial Asian American teenager who explores multiple identities before coming out as a transgender girl. I am so excited for this book! (Trans woman author.)
  • Happiness in Numbers edited by Nicole Field (Feb 6) This anthology of polyamorous romances looks really wonderful! (Multigender author.)
  • Criminal Intentions: Collateral Damage by Cole McCade (Feb 10) Such slow burn, characters I love who have amazing chemistry, yes please. (Trans man author.)
  • Empire of Light by Alex Harrow (Feb 25) Yes I want more SFF with queer revolutionaries, thank you. Especially with demisexual rep. (Genderqueer author.)

March Releases

  • The Queen of Cups by Ren Basel (Mar 1) OwnVoices fantasy adventure featuring a nonbinary, autistic, ace ship captain with synesthesia! (Non-binary author.)
  • Graham’s Delicacies by Mina Waheed (Mar 5) This collection of short romances set in a bakery is linked to Soft on Soft, one of my favorite romances of 2018, and it was a lovely cozy read. (Non-binary author.)
  • Out of Salem by Hal Shrieve (Mar 5) This YA novel has a genderqueer zombie MC. Need I say more? (Genderqueer author.)
  • Sissy: A Coming of Gender Story by Jacob Tobia (Mar 5) This memoir tracing Tobia’s experience growing into their identity as a genderqueer person focuses on their childhood through college years. (Genderqueer author)
  • Proud edited by Juno Dawson (Mar 7) Heard great things about this queer YA anthology, and it has a great lineup of authors. (Trans woman editor.)
  • Criminal Intentions: A Single Bright Candle’s Flame by Cole McCade (Mar 10) This m/m police serial is wonderful, and I am savoring it slowly. (Trans man author.)
  • Squad by Mariah MacCarthy (Mar 12) This YA centers a cheerleader who is exiled from her friend group, tries LARPing and builds new connections, including a romance with a trans guy. I hear good things about the trans rep. (Enby author.)
  • Anyone But You by Chelsea M. Cameron (Mar 19) An f/f enemies-to-lovers adult romcom by one of my favorite f/f writers, sign me up. (Demigirl author.)
  • Off the Ice by Avon Gale and Piper Vaughn (Mar 25) This is a re-release of a kinky m/m hockey romance that I really enjoyed. I’m glad it’s back in print again! (Vaughn is a non-binary author.)
  • Once and Future by Amy Rose Capetta and Cori McCarthy (Mar 26): A sci-fi retelling of King Arthur where King Arthur is a teen girl. (Both authors are non-binary.)

April Releases

  • Death Threat by Vivek Shraya (Apr 1) This comic book with illustrations by Ness Lee brings to life both the trans hating violent hate mail directed at Shraya & the author’s responses to this mail. (Trans woman author.)
  • Tonguebreaker by Leah Lakshmi Piepzna-Samarasinha (Apr 9) A new book of poetry by one of my favorite poets who always writes in a way that makes me feel intensely. (Non-binary femme author.)
  • Their Troublesome Crush by Xan West (me!) (April 16) A contemporary polyamorous romance with an autistic demiromantic trans man MC who slowly realizes that he has a crush on his metamour as they plan their mutual partner’s birthday party. (Trans masc/genderqueer author.)
  • The Black Condition ft Narcissus by jayy dodd (April 16) This book of poetry is preemptive memoir, documenting the beginning of the author’s gender transition and paralleling the inauguration of our latest Administration. (Trans femme author.)
  • Play It Again by Aidan Wayne (April 22) This contemporary m/m romance centers a blind YouTube celebrity and a much less popular YouTuber who films Lets Plays of an obscure videogame. It looks adorable. (Non-binary author.)
  • Snowstorm and Overgrowth by Claudie Arseneault (April TBD) I loved Baker Thief so much and I’m really looking forward to reading this short story collection by the same author that also promises ace and aro representation. (Demigirl author.)

May Releases

  • Reverb by Anna Zabo (May 6) Why yes I want to read this third installment in a series I adore that has the bodyguard/protectee trope, the awesome Mish who I fell hard for in earlier books, and a trans man love interest. (Non-binary author.)
  • When Aidan Became a Brother by Kyle Lukoff (May 7) Picture book about a trans boy who wants to be a really good brother to his new sibling, by a trans man author and children’s librarian. (Trans man author.)
  • Disintegrate/Dissociate by Arielle Twist (May 7) This debut book of poetry by an indigenous trans woman about grief, trauma, and displacement is supposed to be emotionally intense and really wonderful. (Trans woman author.)
  • I Wish You All the Best by Mason Deaver (May 14) I feel like I have been waiting for this YA romance centering a non-binary MC forever and now it’s almost here! (Non-binary author.)
  • The Lost Coast by Amy Rose Capetta (May 14) This had me at northern California and queer witches. It also has fat, gray ace, synaesthesia, Lyme, bisexual, and non-binary representation. (Non-binary author.)
  • Shadows You Left by Jude Sierra and Taylor Brooke (May 20) I’ve been excited for this m/m romance since the authors first started talking about it on Twitter. I’m especially looking forward to the demiromantic representation, as that’s rare to find in romances. (Brooke is an enby author.)
  • Zenobia July by Lisa Bunker (May 21): Middle grade book about a trans girl hacker trying to solve a mystery while grappling with a new school. Sign me up. (Trans woman author.)
  • Birthday by Meredith Russo (May 21) I have been excited about this book since the author first started talking about it on Twitter. I’m so glad it’s finally almost here. (Trans woman author.)
  • Going off Script by Jen Wilde (May 21) How can I resist the latest YA by one of my favorite authors? Especially when it centers teen activism around lesbian representation on TV? (Non-binary author.)
  • 99% Chance of Magic: stories of strength and hope for transgender kids. (May 21) This illustrated middle grade chapter book features stories by trans women and AMAB non-binary authors.

June Releases

  • The Deep by Rivers Solomon (June 4) A standalone fantasy novella about an ocean dwelling species descended from enslaved people, inspired by a song by Daveed Diggs. This book looks amazing. (Non-binary author.)
  • Hexarchate Stories by Yoon Ha Lee (June 25) I loved the last short story collection I read by Lee, so I’m looking forward to this one. (Trans man author.)
  • Algorithmic Shapeshifting by Bogi Takács (May/June TBD) So excited for the debut poetry collection by one of my favorite SFF writers! (Agender author.)

9 thoughts on “Early 2019 Books with Trans &/or Non-Binary Authors

  1. One more to add: WHEN AIDAN BECAME A BROTHER by Kyle Lukoff (trans author), illustrated by Kaylani Juanita, a picture book coming out June 4. It moves beyond the transition/announcement narrative to explore the complexities when a trans boy learns he’s going to have a little sibling. Published by Lee & Low Books.

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  2. So many good books!! Out of Salem was great, and I’m excited about several of these, especially I Wish You All The Best. I also had no idea some of these authors are trans, but it makes me even more excited about their books! I have Once&Future pre-ordered but I didn’t know the authors were nonbinary 😀

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    1. Oh yay! I’m so glad you liked the post so much. I get really excited when I think about all the awesome books that are coming out from trans & non-binary authors. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Me too!! And really, it’s so strange that I’ve heard of several of these books and never knew the authors were trans/enby, so I’m really grateful that you called my attention to it 🙂


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