My TBR for #MBookBingo

I want to participate in a few year-long reading challenges in 2019 and there are two bingos created by Maria Reads that I’m doing: #RomBkBingo) (my TBR) and #MBookBingo, which I’m discussing in this post! (There are some overlapping categories but I want to use different books for those, I think.)

I generally list 3-4 options for each, so I have choices. This helps me as both a mood reader and as someone whose disability flares impact their reading choices and capacities.

Here is my bingo card!

mbookbingo 7.15.19



1. Cover Love

2. Mystery by a Black Author

3. Set Outside the US & Europe

4. SFF with a Queer MC

5. Debut Novel


7. Not Cis

8. Girls Girls Girls: the wlw square

9. Be My Superhero

10. MC with a Mental Illness

11. 500+ pages

12. Fairy Tales and Myths

13. Free Square

14. Break My Heart

15. Anthology or Short Story Collection

16. Written by an Indigenous Author

17. Set Things On Fire

18. Boys Kissing

19. Found Family

20. Women in STEM

21. Published this year

22. YA with a Black MC

23. Translated from a Language I Don’t Speak

24. MG by an Author of Color

25. From the Bottom of Your TBR

(I calculated this by choosing the earliest books that I added to my GR queue that I have not read and still want to read)


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