My TBR for the Year of the Asian Reading Challenge

I want to participate in a few year-long reading challenges in 2019 and the Year of the Asian Reading Challenge (YARC) is one of them!

This amazing challenge is hosted by four amazing bloggers: Shealea @ Shut Up, ShealeaCW @ The Quiet PondLily @ Sprinkles of Dreams, and Vicky @ Vicky Who Reads. Thank you so much for hosting this challenge!


I’m going for the giant panda goal, of 31-40 books by Asian authors.

Monthly Prompts:

  • January: Family
  • February: Tropes
  • March: Challenge


Books I Have Already Read for YARC:

In January 2019

  • Grumpy Fake Boyfriend by Jackie Lau. I really enjoyed this brother’s best friend fake relationship romance. I especially appreciated the introverted grumpy hero; his character really resonated for me.
  • The Year of the Crocodile by Courtney Milan. I really enjoy Blake and Tina in this story, and the family gathering/clashing for Lunar New Year has some of the best dialogue ever. This one definitely hits the mark for the monthly prompt!
  • Talk Turkey by Bru Baker. I thought this meet-cute over the turkey hotline Christmas romance was adorable; I especially liked the way they both were awkwardly trying to connect and fumbling it. It was a cute fun read with great dialogue. There is a sweet moment where they skype the MCs family that I esp liked.

In February 2019


  • Trade Me by Courtney Milan. I loved the audio for this contemporary NA m/f romance, the performances were wonderful. I always appreciate Sean Crisden and Xe Sands blew me away. It was also just really lovely to get to immerse myself in one of my most favorite romances ever in audio. This book was just as wonderful the fourth time around. I love Tina so much, and it has this lovely humor, a huge heart, and is incredibly gripping.
  • Campfire Confessions by Bru Baker. This friends to lovers fake relationship forced proximity Valentine’s Day themed m/m romance novella was pretty cute. The pair end up at a camping couples retreat, pretending to be together. I enjoyed watching it unfold, and how clueless the MC was about how his friend was into him.


I generally overload my TBR so I have multiple choices for each read, which is helpful as I am both a mood reader and my disabilities mean that sometimes I have varying capacity in what I am able to read due to brain fog. This is a total of 100 books in a mix of genres, with the most options in romance as that’s the main genre I read.

Contemp YA

Speculative YA

YA/MG Graphic Novel

Middle Grade

Contemporary Romance


Sports Romance

Holiday Romance

Historical Romance

Romantic Suspense/Mystery

Speculative/Paranormal Romance

Beauty and the Beast Retellings



Literary Fiction

Speculative Fiction



2 thoughts on “My TBR for the Year of the Asian Reading Challenge

    1. I am all about having choices so that I can mood read! I am definitely not reading all of these this year. Going for 31-40 of them, not sure which ones, though!

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