Book and Snack Pairing: Flavored Hershey’s Kisses

My plan for this Book and Snack Pairing post series is to taste snacks (two new and one old favorite) and pair them with romances (two recent first time reads and one old favorite). The romances reflect my reading habits, so they tend contemporary, and are a mix of pairings and groupings. I am marking the ones with no sex with ***.

(As a general heads up, this post discusses food in detail.)

Of course, with any tasting project, we all bring our own specificity to it. In my case, some relevant things for this post:

  • I’m autistic, so texture and mouthfeel are very important to me, and I am super sensitized sensorily due to autistic burnout, so intense flavors are likely more intense and often overwhelming for me.
  • I’m diabetic, so one of the things that influences my choice and experience of snacks is how they impact my blood sugar.

This post is focused on flavored Hershey’s Kisses

New-to-Me Snack #1

Pineapple Coconut Hersheys Kisses



Why did I pick this snack?

I tried Pineapple Coconut Hershey Kisses because I generally like pineapple & coconut together.

The taste experience?

The color of the wrapper is so bright it hurts my eyes. They smell very much like a piña colada. You can barely discern the white chocolate because the pineapple coconut flavor is so strong. The texture isn’t like most flavored kisses where there is a soft center. These are solid and the flavor is all the way thru. I found myself wishing for milk chocolate on the outside, like a piña colada Almond Joy kinda thing.


These are a very sweet for me, but very satisfying as a pineapple coconut experience. These are for when I want intense coconut sweetness, they really hit that mark perfectly.

What book would I pair it with?

Soft on Soft by Mina Waheed

Soft on Soft by Mina Waheed!

A lovely, lighthearted swoony low-heat fluffy contemporary f/f romance that was comforting to read. This is a romance between two fat queer women of color, and it has fat representation that made me happy. I appreciated the demisexual rep and the anxiety rep as well, and loved the way they were both so gone for each other, and kind to each other. This is a very tender low-angst, low conflict romance that’s basically the sweetest thing ever.

(Rep: Middle Eastern Muslim anxious fat pansexual woman MC. Black fat demisexual woman MC. Non-binary secondary character. Middle Eastern Muslim queer author.)***

New-to-Me Snack #2

hersheys hugs



Why did I pick this snack?

I hadn’t ever tried Hershey Hugs and thought this might be a good time to give them a shot.

The taste experience?

They smell like Hershey’s milk chocolate with just a bit more sweetness. The combination of milk and white chocolate cuts the too-sweet feel of the white and makes it work well for me. I like these. If I put it in my mouth and let it melt, then I have a white chocolate then a milk chocolate experience. That’s nice too.


I enjoyed these and would definitely get them again. I’m glad I finally tried them!

What book would I pair it with?

Her Festive Flirtation by Therese Beharrie


Her Festive Flirtation by Therese Beharrie!

This second chance brother’s best friend contemporary m/f romance had a lovely depth and complexity to the characters and was paced beautifully. A very satisfying mix of both angsty and swoony with wonderful family and holiday moments and all the chaos of a wedding. This was my first book by Beharrie, and I’d been wanting to try her work for a while. I’m so glad I did; such wonderfully deep characterization, great pacing, so many feels!

(Rep: Black MCs. Black woman author.)***


Old Fave Snack

cherry cordial kisses

Why did I pick this snack?

I wanted to include Cherry Cordial Hershey’s Kisses because these were the first flavored kisses I tried and they are my most favorite.

The taste experience?

These are a lot like chocolate covered cherries in taste though the texture is very different. They definitely smell like chocolate covered cherries. The chocolate surrounds a creamy filling that’s fairly liquid, but not runny or syrupy like cherry cordials. In my opinion, they offer the same flavor experience but in a better form.


They’ve got this lovely texture to them, and are really satisfying. And the flavor is wonderful. Yes these are definitely still a winner for my favorite flavored Hershey’s Kisses!

What book would I pair it with?

Counterpoint by Anna Zabo 


Counterpoint by Anna Zabo!

I loved this contemporary m/m rock star romance just as much the second time round. Its one of my favorite D/s romances ever, and has a lovely foodie element as well. It’s a wonderfully satisfying book on every level: as a romance, in it’s kink elements, as a second book in the Twisted Wishes series, and in each of the MCs arcs. The D/s relationship was so resonant for me, and felt so real.

(Rep: Pansexual man MC. Gay man MC with anxiety. Bi/pan non-binary author.)


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    1. Yeah this one has been sitting in my drafts for over a month, waiting for me to have the brain to finish it! Hoping to do more of these soon.

      Her Festive Flirtation so good! I think you will really like it.


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