Excerpt from A Spell for Luck

I’m so excited to share an excerpt from A Spell for Luck by Daria Defore! This fantasy m/m erotica novella centers a witch and a demon and is out on October 31, 2018. I am completely charmed by both the MCs! Here’s a note from the author about the excerpt:

In A Spell For Luck, Tom really doesn’t want to spend the summer studying magic at his Aunt Lucinda’s house. But he has to! It’s tradition. Then he meets Simon, the house demon that lives with his aunt. Simon is a thousand years old, but he’s never felt sexual attraction — until now. And he’s got it bad.

Fortunately for him, Tom is a horny college student who may or may not be discovering he’s really into monsters. In this scene, they start to navigate that dynamic a bit more deeply.

As a heads up, this excerpt includes sexual activity, and bargaining about sex. 

An Excerpt from A Spell for Luck

Tom was exhausted and aching.

Lucinda had put him to work brewing spells for most of the morning and then sent him into the garden, of all places, to weed endless rows of plants. He hadn’t packed for manual labor, and his favorite pair of shorts was now muddy and ruined. Looking in the bathroom mirror, he despaired over the dirt that streaked his cheekbones and the sweat in his hairline. A tender pink sunburn spanned his nose, and it was not cute. Tom pressed magic into his skin. The burn faded, but it was still tender. Tom poked his nose again, and felt a pang of annoyance. He couldn’t heal a burn—only make it look pretty. That was the trouble with cosmetics.

Then he steeled himself and knocked on the mirror.

Simon appeared slowly, a billowing black cloud.

“Oh, dear. Hello again.”

“Hi.” Tom’s voice came out wobbly. “Uh, I’m gonna take a shower, so I wanted to make sure there’s hot water. Lucinda said you were still getting the hang of things here.”

“It’ll be hot.” Simon’s golden eyes fixed on his, unblinking. Tom couldn’t tell from the tone whether he was flirting or not. Hopefully not, right? Like Lucinda had said, demons were like demons. There was no way that Simon being sexually obsessed with him would be a good thing for either of them.

“Good. And uh, since you’re here—what happened last night—”

“You said you wanted me to fuck you.”

“I did not. Did I?” He had, he flushed to remember, moaned “fuck me” at a heated moment. “People say a lot of things they don’t mean when they’re coming. I was just getting into it a little too much. And anyway, you don’t even have a body. Right?”

“I don’t.”

“But if you did, could it even fuck? You’d need…parts. I mean, what would it look like?”

Simon twisted himself in knots. “I can take any shape I want. My only problem is staying solid.” As if to prove a point, he shifted into a nebulous cock-like shape, made only slightly upsetting by the burning holes of his eyes. In the next moment, he had suffused over the mirror again, but Tom’s mind had already gone straight to hell. The thought of a Simon-sized cock made his knees weak. “What would you want me to look like?”

“I don’t want you to look like anything. Would you be that big?”

“There’s a lot of me. And you don’t want me to be small,” he purred. Tom’s cock pressed against the front of his shorts. They were tight because they were supposed to be fashionable, but now they were downright constrictive.

“I just want to take a shower.”

“Then take off your clothes,” Simon suggested. With a hiss, water streamed from the shower head. “While it warms up. You look uncomfortable.”

Tom was, and he wasn’t sure stripping for a demon would fix that. But his balls were now aching more than his tired arms. He palmed his cock through the shorts, and it throbbed at his touch. It would be a fucking pain to get rid of this erection without taking care of it the old-fashioned way. And Simon was still watching.

Slowly, Tom drew down his zipper and shoved shorts and briefs down his hips. His cock sprang out to meet his hand, and Simon gave a flutter of interest.

“Does Lucinda know you do this?” Tom whispered, as he began to stroke himself.

“No one knows but you. Do you really think I’m going through puberty?”

“I don’t know,” Tom grit out. “I haven’t had time to do research.”

“It’s interesting. Get in the shower, I want to try something.”

Tom kept a firm grip on his cock as he went. The water fell in a warm cascade on his already singing skin. Tom sighed and resumed jacking himself off. Out of sight of the mirror, without the pressure of Simon’s eyes, he picked up a more mechanical rhythm. He watched himself though; soft pink hand sliding across needy skin. He couldn’t imagine Simon doing this to him.

The water swirled around his cock, and then Tom didn’t have to imagine anymore.

“Holy shit—”

“Is it working?” As the water ran down Tom’s chest it funneled into a single stream and then roiled over his dick, feeling like nothing less than Jacuzzi jets. Tom made a stifled, pathetic sound.

“Do you want to get out of here?”

“No.” Tom’s voice cracked as he admitted it. The flow of water lulled. His hips jerked, seeking it out again.

“Do you want to get out of your aunt’s house?” Simon clarified. “To go back to Seattle?”

“Oh.” It was hard to think about what was waiting for him in Seattle, when in Marlaw he could be fucked by a shower. But no—boring town. Sweating in the garden. No friends. Seattle was where he needed to be. “Yes. As soon as I pass that test—”

“I’ll help you pass it. I know magic.” Slowly, the water resumed its churning rhythm, flowing in sinuous streams over Tom’s cock and balls. He muffled a groan. “If you let me fuck you, I’ll help you go home.”

“But you can’t—”

“I know how to get a body. But I need a witch to perform the spell.”

Want more? Read another excerpt here.

More About A Spell for Luck

A Spell for Luck CoverAt one thousand years old, Simon Sorellion is feeling strange. The house demon has been content to coexist quietly with humans. Now, he’s met one that he’d like to taste.

Tom is a sullen, college-age witch who’s studying magic in his Aunt Lucinda’s creepy house all summer. He’d rather escape back to the city, by any means necessary. Maybe that means cutting a deal with the demon who wants to get friendly. Intimate, even.

Tom really should know better.

Simon has never been with a human before — hell, he doesn’t even have a physical body — but none of that will stop him from getting what he wants.

A Bit About Daria

DariaHeadshotDaria Defore is a writer by night, and a video producer by day. She’s been writing ever since she was a kid, and vividly remembers that her first story was about visiting Santa Claus and getting a pet dinosaur. Now she writes filthy romance instead.

Daria is a Washington transplant living in New York City. She has a tendency to set stories in her beautiful home state. She loves reading, cups of coffee in multiples of ten, and being bullied to write more.

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