Excerpt from From the Same Star

I’m so excited to share an excerpt from From the Same Star by Nicole Field! This contemporary f/f romance with a central grief arc is dear to my heart. I especially adore the D/s relationship that Angela creates with Steve, an ace spec dominant. It’s so rare to have ace spec representation in BDSM romance, and their dynamic is beautiful. This excerpt shows them on their first date, beginning to negotiate that dynamic.

As a heads up, this excerpt includes discussion of D/s, and a hint of D/s dynamic between the characters. 

An Excerpt from From the Same Star

“Are you a switch?”

“No,” Steve answered abruptly, then lightened it with a laugh. “Not even a little.” She offered one of her smirks to cover the momentary abruptness, then took a sip from her glass of red, still looking as though she was amused. Then her gaze turned questioning. “Is that going to be a problem for you?”

Angela felt something in her chest area clench. Her learned responses told her to duck her head, lower her eyes. Yet this was another Dom. She wasn’t sure she wanted to simply assume behaviour before any rules had been laid out between them.

But the longer she held Steve’s gaze, the harder it became. Angela’s heart pounded, her lips parted, and she surprised herself as she felt herself become a little bit wet. She hadn’t… not since…

“No,” Angela answered quickly, before Steve could say anything else. “I’m definitely more inclined toward submission.”

“Good,” Steve said. Angela could hear the smile in her voice even though she wasn’t looking directly at her. “That’s nice and convenient.”

And Angela couldn’t help but imagine how that lower register of Steve’s voice would sound when soothing her, or complimenting her, during a scene.

Angela cleared her throat.

“So are you… seeing anyone else at the moment?” she dared to ask.

“It’s been a year or so since anything serious,” Steve answered. “I’ve had a few casual lovers, and Gemma and I still play occasionally. She’s my ex. We’re still good friends, just not good girlfriends.”

Steve’s voice cracked, and for the first time Angela saw that it wasn’t just she who was vulnerable here. Steve looked away from Angela and then towards her again as she gave this explanation. This was a big deal for Steve, she realised.

Selfish for her to assume it wasn’t, or maybe thoughtless was a better way of putting it.

Angela bit off a sigh. She hadn’t used to be so caught up in her own vulnerability. Whatever this was between them seemed like it might be in danger of moving faster than was wise for either of them. Was it fast? Or was time just still strange for her right now?

And yet, if it was too soon, and if it was a bigger deal than Angela had realised or intended, she couldn’t make herself back away from this conversation, from this drink they were sharing, from this woman. She didn’t know exactly what drew her to Steve just yet, but she couldn’t deny that she was drawn.

“Where did you go?” Steve was looking at her indulgently over the rim of her glass, having obviously noticed the vacant look that had gone into Angela’s expression as she’d moved into introspection.

Around here, the dim lighting and red walls of the wine bar around them came back into focus. Steve’s gaze, still waiting for her response, with one eyebrow raised, was clearer than everything else around her.

Angela laughed nervously, and shook her head.

“Lost in thought,” she answered.

“I didn’t realise I was so boring.”

“Oh! You’re not! I—” Angela paused when she realised that Steve was smirking.

“A joke,” she said.

“Ah.” Angela again flushed red. She tried to cover it with another sip of her wine. It was far from enough to get either of them drunk, but it was enough that the conversation ran a bit more smoothly.

“I said that I’m not a switch,” Steve said after a moment, “but that doesn’t mean I want to be in control of you all the times we’re together.” She paused to consider here, like she hadn’t completely figured out all that she wanted to say before she started. “I’ve been in a relationship where the whole thing was D/s before. The relationship devolved until there wasn’t anything apart from the D/s dynamic.” Steve narrowed her eyes, as if trying to see if Angela really did know. “She wanted her Dom to take care of everything. I wanted to be there for her as her girlfriend.”

“That would have been tough,” Angela said slowly.

Steve gave a shrug that belied the intensity of her gaze. “It isn’t something I’m looking to repeat.”

“Of course.”

Steve ended the date shortly after that on account of work the next morning. They were standing on the street just next to her car when Steve said to her,

“Would you mind if I kissed you goodnight?” Her words were light, without pressure, but just the fact that she’d asked made something rise in Angela’s chest.

She smiled. Not at all. It was the only sentiment she had in answer to this question.

She didn’t realise she’d said it out loud until she saw Steve was grinning at her. Steve stepped towards her, closing the distance between them. Angela was trapped between her and her red car as Steve lifted her hands to cup either side of Angela’s jaw.

More About From the Same Star

FromSameStarIn the aftermath of her mother’s death, Angela struggles to recover and re-enter the world. When she meets Steve, who works in the café across the street, she feels able to take a step out of her grief-filled home. With Steve, she hopes to do D/s as a way to take a break from the pain consuming her, but discovers that in doing kink, you bring all of who you are with you, including grief.

Then Steve’s best friend is in a tragic car accident, and winds up in a coma, and Angela longs to offer support to Steve, as well as receive it.


A Bit About Nicole

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Nicole Field writes across the spectrum of sexuality and gender identity. She lives in Melbourne with her fiancee, two cats, and a bottomless cup of tea. She likes candles, incense and Gilmore Girls.


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