Sunday Night Comfort Reads: His Quiet Agent

So it’s Sunday and time to pick out a comfort read. Sometimes spare quiet prose and relationships built slowly is what I need. For that, there is nothing better than His Quiet Agent by Ada Maria Soto. Especially as she recently released a follow up story (Merlin in the Library) that I’ve been wanting to read. I really enjoy rereading the books that come before the most recent volume, before reading the new book. It’s one of my favorite ways to build my own anticipation.

his quiet agentThis m/m contemporary romance between two ace spec spies has this wonderful measured pace to it that soothes me, perhaps because its told from the POV of a demisexual MC, and centers a new relationship. I really appreciate the pace, the careful way they build trust in each other. I also just really like the idea that the MC is deliberately focusing on making friends with the person who turns out to be his love interest.

One of my favorite aspects of the story is that Arthur recognizes that Martin has very particular food restrictions, and experiments with making food that he might like, just bringing it along every day and offering it during lunch, with no pressure. It felt both respectful and attentive while honoring his autonomy, and as an autistic reader with some similar food restrictions, I really appreciated it.

There is a hint of hurt/comfort, in both directions, and I liked that it went both ways. This is one of my most favorite ace spec romances, and I really appreciated the way it moved slowly in pace with the MCs demisexuality (that resonated) and that the ace MC was sex repulsed and that was woven into the conversation in a way that felt like it just held it and respected it.


  • Biromantic demisexual man MC.
  • Asexual man MC who I read as autistic.
  • Lesbian secondary character.
  • Mexican American woman author with dysgraphia and phonological dyslexia.

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