Sunday Night Comfort Reads: Sated

I find myself, on Sunday nights, wanting to read something comforting and familiar. A book that’s an old friend, that I return to again and again. I find myself wanting that, needing that, not just on Sunday nights, if I am to be honest. But there is a particular quality to this on Sunday nights, where I want to pick up a book that is well worn, and revisit it again. A way to begin the week in relative safety, to begin by doing something gentle for myself.

Sated by Rebekah WeatherspoonLast week I reread Rebekah Weatherspoon’s Sugar Baby trilogy–which I highly recommend. I am still in the mood to read Weatherspoon; she writes heroines I really wish I could be friends with. So, I decided to pick up Sated again. It will be my fifth read of this book, I think. It’s one of my faves of Weatherspoon, has this lovely humor to it, a heroine who I adore, and I love how its both geeky and kinky. The two MCs are switches, and I really appreciate that kind of representation in BDSM romance, as it’s really rare. I liked watching Keira try out her dominance for the first time, very much, especially since she did it in such a geeky way.

This book makes me smile, just thinking about these characters and the way they are with each other, and it definitely makes me laugh. I don’t need my comfort reads to all be lighthearted, but I really appreciate lighthearted BDSM romance in particular and loved the way these characters could do kink and also laugh together. This is one aspect of real life kink that I rarely see on the page, and it makes me happy to read. Exactly what I want on a Sunday night.


  • Korean American amputee bisexual man MC.
  • Black woman MC.
  • Black queer woman author

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