Review of The Awesome

The Awesome by Eva Darrows. Ravenstone. 2015.

The Awesome by Eva DarrowsI loved the fat rep in this book. The fat MC kicks butt, calls herself awesome, worries about social interactions, and cares about her family. She has some regular level teen angst about her body but its mostly not a deal. No weight loss arc. Some self deprecation. And she is hilarious. Such a strong voice, so compelling.

She cares about having sex in a way that is more functional than anything else. (Worldbuilding says she needs to have sex to fight vampires.) So she kind of accidentally falls into a romantic relationship that baffles her, which I really liked, as a romance arc. And its not centered. It’s present, but doesn’t take over.

(That worldbuilding thing doesn’t make room for ace spec monster hunters who don’t choose to have sex. It does make room for other queers; there is an explicit conversation about virginity and what if the MC were a lesbian, how would she lose it.)

I really liked how all of her relationships were important to her, and especially how central her relationship with her mom is, how complex it was drawn, how it had conflict and miscommunication and misunderstanding and wasn’t just easy. Loved how important her job is to her.

Loved the complexity of the zombie angst and the ways family is built in the story, and how she has all these regular teenage feelings and thoughts and also is a super competent monster hunter’s apprentice that is flawed and feels really human and real. Really liked how not all monsters are bad, some are kind of awesome and annoying and important and cared about.

This is a fat MC with a story that’s not at all about her being fat. A story that’s full and complex and hilarious and compelling. So rare. Especially in YA.


  • Fat teen girl MC
  • Hispanic and Romani biracial bisexual fat woman author with PTSD and anxiety

Content Warnings (in white, highlight to read)

Monster hunting, including killing. Physical violence. Monster mind control. Worldbuilding that doesn’t make room for ace spec monster hunters who don’t want to have sex. On the page sex.


  • Source of the book: I bought this myself.
  • I am friends with the author.

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