Review of Her Perfect Affair

Her Perfect Affair by Priscilla Oliveras. Zebra Shout. 2018.

her perfect affairI enjoyed book two in this series centering Puerto Rican sisters. This book, like book one, is a tightly plotted, well characterized, tropetastic romance that centers complex family dynamics. We have a black sheep hero needing to prove himself to his family, a surprise baby after a one night stand, and a difficult pregnancy resulting in a rather classic forced proximity and hurt/comfort situation. This is one of those stories where much would be resolved if the characters would communicate.

These aren’t generally my favorite tropes (unlike book one, which was filled with tropes I love.) I do like forced proximity sometimes, but it didn’t satisfy as well as I’d like in this book, and I think it’s that they didn’t have the intense heat I generally look for in that trope. (This is a low heat closed door romance.)

I found the story engaging and was rooting for these characters to figure out how to be together. My favorite bits of the story involved Rosa with the kids at her job (she’s a school librarian and runs a poetry club), her interactions with her family, her family putting him through hell to make sure he was worthy, and him working hard to show her how much he cared and respected her. I also really cracked up at the bit about the olives.

I enjoyed the Puerto Rican representation in this story. In general, I appreciate how Oliveras writes Latinx characters who really care about family and are motivated by that common cultural value. It was lovely to watch that ripple out in different ways in His Perfect Partner and Resort to Love (the authors other books), and that was an aspect of this story that was wonderful.

I struggled with the way the heroine’s illness, especially combined with her pregnancy, seemed to give everyone close to her tacit permission to make choices for her. I appreciated that she pushed back against the hero when he got especially controlling, but this aspect of the story made for some difficult moments for me as a disabled and chronically ill reader.

While I enjoyed book one in the series a bit more, this is a pretty classic category romance that was a comfort to me on a hard day, and I enjoyed it. I’m looking forward to reading the next one in the series, and future books by this author.


  • Puerto Rican heroine with a pregnancy-related illness
  • Mexican American-Puerto Rican woman author

Content Warnings (in white, highlight to read)

Reference to sexual assault in the past. Alcohol use. One closed door sex scene. Serious pregnancy-related illness. Controlling behavior on the part of the hero, which he gets called on and reins in. Controlling behavior on the part of the heroine’s family with regard to her illness. References to parent death in a car accident, parent death from cancer. Internalized shame around being pregnant out of wedlock. 


  • Source of the book: ARC from the publisher via Netgalley.
  • I have had some contact with the author on Twitter.

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