Friday Fluff Recs

I have been in particular need of fluff to read these days, so I thought I might try out a semi-regular post series that’s all fluff all the time, where I recommend fluffy romances. I’m going to include both new releases and backlist for these, and base them off of things I read recently. I am pretty particular about what I call fluff, which I discuss here. I hope you can find fluff to suit your tastes. Fluff with no sex is marked with three asterisks.***

Here are three fluffy self published queer romance novelettes for your weekend enjoyment!

Supreme Courting

Supreme Courting by Lina Langley. This m/m romance novelette was written in response to the recent Supreme Court ruling and just came out today! I gulped it down pretty much immediately and it definitely hit the spot. This story centers a closeted bi Supreme Court Justice who is visiting his home town to help put together his parent’s 50th anniversary party and the out gay younger baker hired to make the cake for the party. It was cute and sweet, and exactly the kind of fluff I needed today. (Rep: Bi man MC. Gay man MC. Queer Latinx enby author.)


Get At Me by Krystal A SmithGet at Me by Krystal A Smith.*** This f/f romance novelette is set at a community center. C.J., the butch MC, works there keeping the kids busy playing basketball before school, feeding them and entertaining them with her spoken word after school. When she spots a femme arriving at the center, she is into her pretty much immediately, and they have lovely flirty moments with great chemistry, but Fatima, the femme MC is trying to focus on putting up the murals she was hired to do, and thinks C.J. is too much of a distraction and is really just a player who will mess with her head. Can they make it work? I really enjoyed this story, and would be glad to read a sequel to this adorable fluffy butch/femme romance. (Rep: Black butch lesbian MC. Black femme lesbian MC. Black lesbian author.)


Casper Gets His Wish

Casper Gets His Wish by R Cooper. This author is so good at cozy fluff, and I went on a spree reading a bunch of her backlist recently when I was having a rough week. This Christmas m/m romance is a gem; grumpity sweater wearing accountant elf Casper is (he thinks) hopelessly into a green haired skater elf who is the rockstar in Santa’s workshop for his toy designs and never gets his reports on time. Casper always has to go up to his office to demand them personally and deal with his jokes and charm, every single month. I adored this sweet fluffy enemies to lovers romance, so if you are up for Christmas in June, give it a try! (Rep: Gay MCs.)

If you want additional fluff recs you can always take a look at this list!

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