Review of Gridiron Heartbreaker

Gridiron Heartbreaker by Melissa Blue 2016.

4 stars

gridiron heartbreakerI bought this book when I decided to read everything in Melissa Blue’s backlist, about the same time as I was trying to read things for a Valentine’s Day post and got completely sucked in to a series of her shorts that were not at all about Valentine’s Day. I set it aside for a rough day when I knew I was going to need a new comfort read I could count on.

I cracked it open Tuesday night, and devoured it in quick gulps, after several disappointing reads in a row. I have been on a tear reading short romances, after not being able to read anything new for almost a month, and this was exactly what I needed.

I adore Blue’s heroines; I always want to be friends with them, and Alyssa is no exception. I adored her from the meet cute, especially because she’s not buying into the hero’s game and she gives him shit relentlessly. I loved their chemistry, loved being inside her head as she was figuring out what to do about him and how to handle her attraction to him.

I liked the way he was both cocky and vulnerable, the way he really honored her consent all the way through their sexytimes, and cared about her getting what she wanted and needed. They have really hot chemistry and like I can count on with Blue, this book has stellar sex scenes. This time with a touch of kink that I particularly enjoyed.

I liked that he rubbed her feet, that he was so into her and just let himself be. It was close to instalove, but it didn’t feel forced. It made the arc flow beautifully, how he just tumbled so hard for her, and didn’t try to stop it.

I was surprised that I didn’t struggle more with the diabetes rep, but it really felt respectful and didn’t fall into the pitfalls this kind of story often does. I appreciated that, as a diabetic reader. And his relationship with his mom was lovely to witness.

This book also satisfies on the foodie romance front; she’s a chef and we get to see her first when he invades her kitchen to hide out at a party. I loved all the food details, enjoyed watching her be powerful and in charge in the kitchen, liked how much him loving her food meant to her.

It felt right, the places they stumbled and got stuck, the conflicts fit them and the situation, felt organic and real, and resolved in a way that worked for me.

It was a bit of a whirlwind, but I really enjoyed this one! It’s definitely going on my comfort rereads list. I also went out an immediately bought book one in the series after reading!



  • Black woman author

Content Warnings (in white, highlight to read)

His mom has diabetes and lost a few fingers. References to the hero getting concussions from taking hits while playing football.

Sex on the page. BDSM: Light D/s dynamic, light bondage, sensation play, orgasm control. 


  • Source of the book: I bought it with my own money.
  • I have had conversations with the author on Twitter.

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