Review of Thirsty Boy

Thirsty Boy by Elliott Cooper. 2017.

4.25 stars

thirsty boyI enjoyed this D/s novelette so much! Its this lovely mix of hot and sweet, and very much about wanting to belong, wanting to be claimed, wanting to be seen and accepted in your desires. I adored both MCs, loved the strength in the boy and the vulnerability in the dominant. A real treat all the way through.

I loved the idea of a queer men’s kinky motorcycle club that values consent. I liked how deeply consensual all the play was, loved seeing the negotiation on the page. I also really enjoyed how much I got to see the characters respond emotionally and psychologically to the play, how I got to learn what the play meant to them. I liked that it wasn’t magical, that they needed to learn each other, work to attune to each other, it didn’t just happen. That made it feel earned, and real.

This story draws on the legacies of John Preston’s Mr. Benson, Patrick Califia’s erotica, david stein’s Carried Away, and Carol Queen’s The Leather Daddy and the Femme, in the queer leather culture it describes, the sense of community and need to belong that drives the characters, the deep description of setting and context, the way it felt real, and the sense of long leather tradition. I really appreciated that aspect of the story, the way I could trace those connections to leather fiction that has influenced me so much as a writer and a kinky person.

This story feels like a deeply D/s-oriented BDSM erotic romance. D/s is the filter through which the connection, affection, belonging, claiming, intimacy, vulnerability, being seen, feeling safe and held, happens for both MCs. I ache to read more of this kind of romance, and am very glad I found this one. I will definitely be reading it again, and I hope this author continues to write stories like this; perhaps a full length novel next time?


  • Gay MCs
  • Bi trans man author

Content Warnings (in white, highlight to read)

Alcohol use. Sex on the page. D/s. Light humiliation play. Anal play. Exhibitionism. Play with possession and claiming. Water sports.


  • Source of the book: I bought it with my own money.
  • I have had conversations with the author on Twitter. I am in a writing Slack with the author.

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