Review of Sated

Sated by Rebekah Weatherspoon 2016.

4 stars

satedI adore this book. I have read it four times and it’s still so good! Keira won my heart from the very beginning. She’s the kind of heroine I wish I could be friends with. I especially love the first scene when she is topping. It’s just hilarious and hot and wonderful.

One of the things I appreciate the most about this book is that it centers two switches and they switch with each other. I also really like that I got to read about a novice top. Both these things are so rare in BDSM romance.

I also really love how funny and geeky this book is. Those are two things I wish were part of more BDSM romances. They are some of the aspects I enjoyed the most about this story, and made the evolution of this relationship such a pleasure to witness.

I appreciate the on the page, clear, incidental representation of both bisexuality and disability. Daniel is both bi and disabled and it’s not a big thing in the book but its there enough to be real. I also appreciated that they are in an inter-racial relationship and neither MC was white. That’s also super rare in romance and important representation.

Daniel frustrates me with his black and white thinking and his not communicating when he needs to be. Every time I want to kick him for this, and wish he had a BFF to do that. But his choices and thinking also feel realistic as flaws, and his getting stuck in this way and finding out that he wants more out of kink and doesn’t want to be dial-a-switch for the community feels like a good arc in the end.

I will say that the end, & his arc, feel a bit rushed and like they could both use a bit more length to attend to them. I especially was concerned about how they so quickly resolved her desire for an exclusive relationship and his long term connection to his leather family and his seeming desire for non-monogamy. That resolution felt a bit handwavy and could have used some time. I would definitely read a novel about these two.

I do want to note that I was occasionally jarred out of the story by the BDSM rep (i.e. calling a flogger a flog) but this was rare and pretty much all about in-community language. The vast majority of the BDSM rep rung true to me and felt realistic.

This is third in the Fit trilogy, a BDSM romance series centering co-workers at a gym, and my favorite of the bunch. It remains one of my favorites by Weatherspoon (who is an auto-buy author for me), alongside So Sweet, Wrapped, and Treasure. (I’m still making my way through her backlist; The Fling is the next one I plan to read, because I need more queer single parent romances in my life.)


  • Korean American amputee bisexual man MC.
  • Black woman MC.
  • Black queer woman author

Content Warnings (in white, highlight to read)

Sex on the page. Consensual kink: bondage, blindfolds, prostate milking, edging & orgasm control, jizz fetish, light pain play, D/s.


  • Source of the book: I bought it with my own money.
  • I am friends with the author on Twitter.

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