Review of Better At Weddings Than You

Better At Weddings Than You by Mina V. Esguerra. Bright Girl Books. 2017.

3.75 stars.

Better at Weddings Than YouI fell really hard for Daphne, she grabbed my heart. There’s this one moment where Aaron realizes that he’s never been with a woman that is this intensely respected and there it was, she had me, and through his eyes. Her competence, her emotional armor, her unabashed enjoyment of sex, the way she establishes control and does a brilliant job & is also sometimes so flustered and vulnerable, how well she reads people and situations…she had me.

I also loved how feminist this romance was, how much it unpacks patriarchy and heteronormativity. That made me so happy. I liked Aaron too, but didn’t fall for him as hard, really. I wished that the hints of femdom between then had materialized into power play. The promise was there. I would have liked more details about the actual wedding planning stuff (as that is one of the things I like about stories centering wedding planning), but think this level of detail worked for the story.

The ending felt rushed, and a bit unearned, which is why this didn’t hit it out of the park for me. I didn’t buy that Daphne could just stop being as much of a workaholic so fast I did like that it was  very much HFN, that felt right.


  • Filipina heroine
  • Filipino hero
  • Filipina author

Content Warnings (in white, highlight to read)

Sex on the page. Alcohol use.


  • Source of the book: I bought this myself.
  • I have had slight contact with the author on Twitter.

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