Review of Love on the Tracks

Love on the Tracks by Tamsen Parker. Swerve. 2017.

4 stars

love on th tracksI enjoyed this book a lot. It was exactly what I needed on a hard day: engaging, light, pretty well-paced romance with complex characterization. This is a musician/athlete meet cute romance with a fake relationship that of course turns real. I liked the way it played with these tropes, liked the chemistry between the main characters, and enjoyed their romance arc, and also each of their individual arcs. It was a fun light read.

I appreciated the way that Rowan was super serious about being an athlete, and Zane really deeply respected that and stood up for her as an athlete with the press. He got how much it meant to her, and how amazing she was, and I loved that about him. I loved how Rowan got all fangirly over Zane, and then grew to see him as a person, that shift was lovely to witness, and I especially liked the moments when she supports him in writing new material.

They have incredible heat and sweetness between them, and I really enjoyed watching that build. There is a definite thread of a D/s dynamic, that they both were very enthusiastic about, where Rowan is dominant. I loved that aspect of the story so much! They don’t explicitly negotiate it using those words, but consent is clear. I especially appreciated how much Rowan’s dominance was a part of Zane’s solo sex scene mid-book. It was very hot, and I also just appreciated how much he was into submitting to her. I love the way he worshipped her throughout the story, both in their D/s and sex and also just as a brilliant athlete. I really appreciated how blunt and straightforward Rowan was about her desire, it was such a lovely contrast to the ways she was shy with him.

Rowan gets injured, and that aspect of the story felt a bit thinly drawn. The resolution with her father felt a bit rushed and like it resolved too easily. I found her dad pretty controlling, and wasn’t feeling very kindly to him. I enjoyed Zane’s arc around his career, though it was a bit rushed at the end.

I generally enjoy Tamsen Parker’s romances and this one did not disappoint. Looking forward to the rest of the series!


  • Latinx hero

Content Warnings (in white, highlight to read)

Head injury. Controlling parent. Sex on the page. D/s dynamic that’s not explicitly named but clearly present and consensual throughout. 


  • Source of the book: ARC from the publisher via Netgalley
  • I have had Twitter conversations with the author.

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